“I started seeing very sharp, my eyes was so sharp only after laser treatment, I feel very energized but the energy is peaceful, I don't loose it, I have a current of life force energy, even through PMS. This is incredible”


“DNA Activation with Nastya was a wonderful experience. I felt supported, held in god space, Incredibly peaceful. Overall it was life changing. Thank you!”


“DNA Activation helped me to be more decisive and to make better decisions in my life, soon after I received the healing I was called to change my career path to the one that fits me more”


“I could totally perceive my aura being cleaner and lighter after and I believe the whole process allowed me to be more effective in communication with others. It became easier to talk about my feelings and unlock situations which were previously stagnant”


“I started feeling sharp, I started feeling energized. More good thoughts, I don’t feel as hopeless as before. I felt these changes few days after you worked on me.”


“The DNA Activation was very transformative. During the process there was a feeling of deep peace followed by an unexplainable “light as a feather” feel. As if Anastasiia was removing blockages I was unaware of. After the experience, I have been able to tap into my creativity, been more sympathetic and overall a heightened sense of self. I strongly recommend this healing experience. Thank you so much Anastasiia!”


“I’m feeling much better. Allergies do not effect me as much, I calm down easier and faster and I get stressed less because there is more energy to solve problems and clarity what needs to be done”


“After the healing I stopped smoking weed and I feel much more confident, I feel detoxed. I noticed that I can make healthier decisions ”


“Shortly after DNA Activation I had my first Lucid dream experience. For many years now I’ve tried lucid dream but I was always afraid - something held me back, but this time it was so easy and fluid”