Max Meditation

Max Meditation

Max Meditation is the system that will truly teach you how to meditate and change the perception of life! 

It is based on a fusion of ancient techniques of Yoga and mind acrobatics mixed with modern techniques of psychology and Neuro-linguistic programming. 

The Max Meditation is based on the FIVE components of Meditation:  Relaxation, Passive Meditation, Active Meditation, Guided Visualization, Soothing Down. It will guide you into body and mind relaxation, and take you on the journey of self-discovery.

After I found this method 5 years ago, it became a crucial part of my weekly practice! 

Meditate with me to:

– Reduce stress and tension

– Reduce physical and emotional pain

– Gain more control over your thoughts and emotions

– Detach from situations – LESS DRAMA!

– Gain happiness and peace of mind

– Increase concentration 

– Become more spontaneous and creative

– Discover the purpose of life

– Know Thyself

– Build Self-Confidence 

– Enhance energy, strength and vigor 

– Increase clarity 

– Increase serotonin which influences moods and behavior

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