Usui Reiki


(“rei” – spirit, soul, universe; “ki” (qi) – energy) is the practice of healing with the help of “life energy” by the laying on of hands. 

The Reiki energy is controlled by the Divine Consciousness, it is in every person and everywhere, everyone needs it and, therefore, it can never cause harm. 

Reiki is a powerful yet gentle energy. Reiki energy assists in the healing of any disease and injury, it calms down the nervous system, relaxes, relieves emotional and physical tension, as well as pain in the body, gives clarity of mind.

A Reiki session works to identify and remove the root cause that causes a particular disease. Reiki increases the effectiveness of any treatment, eliminates or reduces side effects, reduces treatment time, reduces pain, reduces tension, helps create an optimistic mood.

The treatment feels like a delightful hot glow and is always beneficial.