DNA Activation

DNA Activation 

is an ancient shamanic healing technique that is working with each person in their own unique way. Its method is in activating the spiritual blueprint and thus switching on the full potential that is allowing us to fulfill our mission on Earth.

During DNA Activation, we literally get more Light in our system. Our body and energetic structures, our Soul and our Spirit are being filled with Light. 

What is this Light? Simply speaking, light is Nature’s way of carrying energy through space. It is a form of energy that is traveling as a wave.

DNA is not a material object that is unable to change, it is composed of a liquid crystalline substance that acts as a form of antenna, receiver, and a transmitter of holographic information. It is continuously taking information from the outside world and ether. 

So, by injecting Light into our Ethereal body and DNA, we are able to reprogram ourselves to be able to operate on higher frequencies. This is what we call ascension. We infuse higher frequencies and let go of lower frequency thought forms and emotions, clearing cultural and karmic patterns in a short time.

As a result, our healing process accelerates, meditation and spiritual practices become easier, we learn our lessons faster and faster to become closer to our Higher Self and be guided throughout our life. 

Activation helps to:

  • shine light into the parts of self and patterns that has been abandoned or denied in order to facilitate the growth
  • bring more clarity on what your true purpose is
  • switch on the colors of life, bring joy, eliminate the apathy
  • clear family and genetic karmic patterns
  • calm the mind and resolve the emotions

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