Journey Starts Here

Journey Starts Here

Are you ready for more?

Hi and welcome to your new journey of transformation and healing!

Thank you for being curious!

Here you will find very unique techniques that have been handed down from generation to generation in the Lineage of King Solomon and have been changing lives in the most profound way for thousands of  years.

These are the tools that has upgraded my consciousness and showed me what is possible, year after year my life has been filling with more purpose, more awareness, more passion and joy, more true abundance, more illumination, more guidance. Every time I felt like I am already fulfilled, part of me would suddenly open up and expand leaving space to be filled more. There is no bottom to this well of knowledge, because there is no end to the light that is inside of each of us. I know it through my experience and I welcome you to dive in and see for yourself!

Why to heal?

Not so long ago, only 10 or so years I didn’t understand what is there to heal and why to heal if I wasn’t sick. My spiritual journey had more investigative purpose, I was thirsty for knowledge, not healing. Only couple of years of healings I became aware of my traumas, dynamics and patterns in the relationships that were doing me disservice my whole life. The reality is, lots of things we have to heal lay in deep subconsciousness, where we store painful memories and we are not often aware of them. Good indicator is the true joy of life – do you feel truly joyful and fulfilled? Or are you just OK? Are you pursuing your mission or something is preventing you to do it? Are you going through same pattern over and over – meeting same exact type of partner, having same dynamics in your friendships, going in and out of same situation? Do you feel fully in power of your own destiny or do you feel like a victim of circumstances?

It’s beneficial to ask yourself questions, because this is only way we can know ourselves.

Is this for you?

Yes! These technics work for every human being on Earth! If you are not sure if this is for you, try it and experience for yourself. What is the worst thing that can happen? If there’s truth in any method, it will manifest itself, if there’s no truth, it simply won’t.

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